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Gateway to Europe for International Companies

The Netherlands: Gateway to Europe for International Companies

The decision by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union has led many international companies to reconsider their (go to market) strategy for Europe. Being part of the European market makes it much easier to do business in Europe. Given the status of the negotiations, a hard break with no deal or a deal where Britain is no longer part of the European common market is becoming increasingly more likely.

Why should international companies consider the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe? There are several very good reasons. First of all, the Netherlands is a relatively small country but we have been trading around the globe for centuries. As a result, we have an open, highly internationally oriented society. Virtually everyone has reasonable to good command of the English language.

Another reason is the geographic location. Many international companies have chosen the Netherlands as the location for their European Distribution Centres. All means of transportation are available in a cost attractive way.

Many international companies have selected the Netherlands for their European Headquarters. Qualified management and staff are available. In addition, the tax legislation is attractive for international companies. The tax requirements have become more stringent but in case of genuine business activities, there are still significant benefits. Dutch accounting policies are in line with US GAAP and IFRS.

But how do you know if the Netherlands is the right location for your business?

Every company is different so you need to assess whether this is also the right location for you. We, the partners of Strategy Partners Netherlands, would love to assist you with this assessment. We are all qualified Dutch Chartered Strategists. Our mission & passion is to help ambitious companies to achieve their goals. We have work experience as CEO of an international IT company, General Manager Europe of Nasdaq listed companies, COO of Dutch companies and backgrounds in Marketing and Sales leadership positions. We do know how to get things done in the Netherlands and most parts of Europe. In addition, our network includes all relevant disciplines you may need to start your activities in the Netherlands.

Your Success in our part of the world is our mission. If you would like to know more about your business opportunities and how we can assist you with this assessment, please contact us via this link.